How the Light gets in…

I saw Leonard Cohen perform last night, and he did the song Anthem (click to play).

Ring the bells, that still can ring….
Forget your perfect offering…
There is a crack, a crack, in everything….
That’s how the light gets in….

When I first met my husband, one thing that struck me was his fondness for imperfect photos. The worse the photo, the more he loved it, because it was “real”. He also introduced me to Leonard Cohen, and to this song.

So I’ve been thinking about the idea of imperfection being attractive. In contemplating the people I love the most, and identifying what it is I love about them, I see that in all cases, what I love the most is somehow related to their “cracks”. Their woundedness, and the manner in which they overcame that woundedness, is a major factor in their personality development and self-expression. I don’t love them in spite of their cracks, I love them because of their cracks.

Thinking of my own imperfections as attractive is a bit more difficult, but that’s ok. I have plenty of bad photos to practice with.

(Originally posted May 10, 2009)

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