From Voyage to voyage…

The clinic I have built my career in (Voyage Counseling) is going out of business. I have approximately two weeks to find a new home for myself and my clients.

It’s always interesting to be on the crisis side of an issue that I spend most of my time counseling others about. Gives me a full 360 degree perspective of exactly how good my advice is. So what would I tell someone who had two weeks to rebuild their career?

1 – Make a to-do list, and take it one item at a time.

2 – Spend time visualizing EXACTLY what you want, in vivid detail. Maybe even make a picture-board of it.

3 – Consider this an opportunity you might not have otherwise taken, and be grateful for it.

4 – Mine the lessons as if they were gold, there is much to be learned about self, others and the kindness of the
Universe in times of transition.

5 – Be curious. Curiosity is the BEST energy to approach the unknown with. It is open, cautious, friendly, and
non-attached to outcome. Find a Curious George shirt and wear it.

6 – Refocus on what really matters. When people on their death bed are asked what they regret, they say “working
too much and not spending enough time with family and friends and hobbies”. Take this time to connect with
loved ones. Let them help. Make gratitude lists.

7 – Change is certain. This too shall pass.

8 – Beware of fearful thoughts posing as logic.

9 – Remember that intuition is often the calmest and quietest of the inner voices, while fear is often the loudest. Listen to the small still voice within.

10 – Bust out the tools of faith, whether they be prayer, ritual, meditation, invocation, consecration or creation. We
are far more powerful than we realize.

This is a good list. I can do this.

I don’t know where we’re all going today, but I don’t need to. We’re off on a grand voyage, and it will happen one breath, and one to-do-list-item at a time.

(Originally posted 4-20-09)

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