“Banner’s Buddhapest Paisley” rebelled against her show-dog family by becoming a therapy dog.  She has the pre-requisite “Canine Good Citizen” certification, and is credentialed through Therapy Dogs International .

Paisley retires in May 2015!

After 10 years of loving-kindness, thousands of hours of therapy-provision, participation in a doctoral dissertation and a staring role in a Humane Society commercial, Paisley is retiring!  She had a lovely retirement party in May of 2015, where many people came to say thanks for the unconditional love, snuggles and kisses she’s known for.

More pictures of Paisley at work:


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  1. Nancy Chargo says:

    Thank you for being a great mom to Paisley first of all and secondly Labradors just want to please and be with people and you provided that wonderful opportunity for her. What a special life she has had!!!

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