The power of new pajamas.

So, this “tweenager” came in with a broken heart.

She wanted to figure out how to never hurt so bad again.  I told her that based on her age, she was likely to experience another broken heart at some point.  Given that we couldn’t prevent that, I asked her what we could do to help her live through the next one with a bit less suffering and a bit more comfort.  She came up with a lovely “broken heart tool box” that included such wise choices as “movie nights with girlfriends, ice cream, angry-female-vocalist music and brand new pajamas.”

This idea works for all ages, and for all hurts & fears.

Our therapeutic and spiritual job is not to avoid being dumped, hurt or embarrassed.

We are not here to avoid failure, criticism or mistakes.

We are here to remember that we are always ok.  We are always enough. Life is always enough.

We must-must-must develop tool boxes that help us through difficult events, because only bylof taking risks, leaving our comfort zones and embracing the unknown will we grow, change and make our dreams come true.  Playing it safe leads to some very boring destinations, yet traveling without proper supplies is foolish.

What do you need to take a trek outside of your comfort zone?  Start gathering your supplies so you can stop playing it safe.

Any day you find yourself bewildered & bruised is a good day, because it means you took a risk.



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