The ABCZ of Betz

Apples or oranges? Honey Crisp apples.

Bedding: 1000 thread count sheets & duvet cover (over down duvet) – pure heaven.

Charlevoix or Traverse City? Charlevoix – went to school there K-7.

three dog dayDogs or cats?  Both:  Minerva the black cat, Paisley the Yellow Labrador, and Morgaine & Willow the Spanadors 


Education: Minister of Divine Healing 1992, BA Psyc U of M 1996, MA Psyc Center for Humanistic Studies 1998, Psychology Specialist, Mich School of Professional Psychology 2004, Doctorate of Psychology, Michigan School of Professional Psychology, 2006.

Favorite season of the year: the season when they’re changing from one to the next.

Gold or silver: silver

Heels or hiking shoes:   If Teva made a high heel….

Instrument you play: Djembe, lap-dulcimer, acoustic guitar, recorder, voice

Job: Psychologist (Teacher and psychotherapist), writer.  (Secret job:  Overthrowing the Patriarchy by educating people to think for themselves).

Kids: See Cat & Dogs above.

Lunges or squats:  Squats. Lunges just make me sad.


Favorite Movie:  Mary Poppins – women’s suffrage, critique of capitalism, love story, fun soundtrack and that fabulous lamp producing carpet bag!


Nickname:  Just after high school there were a few folks who called me Beets, but that’s about it.

Overseas?  Stonehenge & Ireland.











Pet Peeve:  when they don’t wipe their muddy feet before coming inside.

Quote:  “Become who you are” – Nietzsche

Religion:  I’ll claim membership in the ever growing category of Spiritual But Not Religious (SBNR).  I’ve found that organized religion can cause cognitive dissonance (an internal fight between two opposing views, usually dogmatic and personal) and the only way out is to ignore one’s teachings, or ignore one’s conscience.  This makes for a house divided.  Spirituality lets me keep what works and discard what doesn’t.  I like the Pagan seasonal celebrations & Buddhist teachings and am a Priestess in the Western Mystery Tradition.

Siblings: 1 brother a year older.  He’s an ASL interpreter and runs a video-relay-call-center.  Fabulous sister-in-law and 2 nephews too. They are ferocious cyclers.






Tonsils?  Still in there.

Ultrasound before abortion? No thanks, my body = my decisions.

Vacation favorites?  Drummond Island Jeep Jamboree, Biking Ireland, Cancun Honeymoon, various Pagan hoedowns at Brigit’s Rest.

What makes you mad? (Fill-in-the-blank) Intolerance and the fall-out it causes all around the world.

Xrays you’ve had: Most interesting?  Big toe, after a bottle of wine fell off the top of the fridge and smashed it.

Yummy food that you make:  Sunday soup.  Different pot each week.  This week it was “this stuff is about to go bad and I don’t have time to chop it up all pretty so let’s call it stew”.

Zoo animal: I feel sad at zoos, so I don’t go unless someone is having a party I want to attend.  It’s not my idea of a nice day.

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