The only Goddess energy America has is officially under attack…

I’ve become involved in a campaign called “Hail Columbia”, which has formed in response to Rick Perry & the New Apostolic Reformation’s formation of a group/movement called the DC40.  The are proposing that the name of the District of Columbia be changed to the District of Christ, and have used words like “prayer warfare” when describing the cross-country rallies. Members of the Pagan and Wiccan communities consider “prayer warfare” to be black magic, which is just fascinating, all things considered.  (More info here: but don’t listen to it until you’re prepared for a heck of an adrenaline rush – I think the voice over might be George Dubbya).

Their state-by-state rally is designed to “to effect eternal change in our nation’s capitol so our elected officials can govern from a new position of uncompromising light and understanding as we change the spiritual atmosphere over Washington DC forever.”  (The bold italics are mine, because that is a very scary sentence).

They’ll be here on Thurs Oct 27th, although nobody is quite sure where….  (Feel free to research this in all of your free time).

They’ve actually said they want to take the “pagan goddess out of Washington”.  I’m impressed that they are even tuned into this “divine feminine” metaphor.  The name Columbia and the Statue of Liberty are the only Divine Feminine metaphors we have in this country, which makes me wonder what they’d like to do to the Statue of Liberty given the chance: put an apron on her and show her bare feet?  Nail a big wooden cross behind her?  Take her light away and give her a spatula?

Then there’s the whole separation of church and state thing, and the narcissism required to put Christ in the capitol when not all Americans are christian…


Ideas and contacts needed and welcome, thanks.

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