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King, B. (2012). [Inspiration and invocation: Creating a ritual with the triple-goddess Brigid.]. In P. Monaghan & M. McDermott (Eds.), Brigit: Sun of Womanhood.  Las Vegas: Goddess Ink.  Inspiration and Invocation link here

King, B. (2011). [Kuan Yin: Compassion embodied].  In P. Monaghan (Ed.), Goddesses in World Culture.  Santa Barbara: Praeger.  Guanyin link here

Other Articles and Published Manuscripts

King, B. (2017, October 25).  The Seasonal Psychologist: On Samhain. [Blog post]. Retrieved  from

King, B. (2017, September 19).  The Seasonal Psychologist: On Mabon. [Blog post]. Retrieved from

King, B. (2016). …on mothering and being mothered. In Hoffman, L., Moats, M., & Greening, Our Last Walk: Using poetry to grieve and remember our pets. Colorado Springs, CO: University Professor’s Press

King, B. (2014). Goddesses and Fools. Wild Woman Rising, 2, (7). Retrieved from

King, B. (2013). Of goddesses and fools.  About Place Journal, 2 (2). Black Earth Institute, Black Earth, WI.  ISSN 2327-784X

King, B. (2011). [Following the spirit of the law, in spirit]. In Monaghan, P. (Ed), Can a person be spiritual but not religious?  In World Religions: Belief, Culture, and Controversy. Retrieved January 17, 2012, from

King, B. (2008).  A four and a nine crawl into bed.  TALK Journal: Journal for the Association of Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition, 16(1), 18-19    a four and a nine crawl into a bed link here

King, B. (2000). The 28 day year (a poem). SageWoman: Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman, 50, 31.

King, B. (2000).  Catching fire on Beltaine. Oak Leaves, 14, 17-20.

King, B. (1999).  A wobbly bard at Imbolc. Oak Leaves, 13, 33-34.

King, B. (1998).  Trust the process. Touchstone, Jan-Feb, 9-10.

King, B. (1997).  Dragons in the 21st century. Touchstone, July-Aug, 3-4.


Ames, A., DePorter, T., Johnson, A., King, B. (2019).  Multidisciplinary Considerations of the Emotional Support Animal Certification.  Presentation at Interdisciplinary Forum of Applied Animal Behavior, Annual Conference, Tempe  CO.

King, B. (2018). Beans, greens and cornbread: Remembering and not remembering. In R. Bargdill (Chair), Extending the table: a multicultural immersive discussion. Poetry reading at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Boulder, CO.

Belton, G., Brown, V., Darling, K., Jackson, T., Kamens, S., Kass, S., … Vallejos, L. (2018). #ustoo: An experiential uniting through the pain of America’s rape culture. Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Boulder, CO.

King, B. (2018). Therapy as ritual: Sacred intentionality in the 50-minute hour. Presentation at APA Division 32 Annual Conference, Boulder, CO.

King, B., & Brown, V. (2016). Spiritually integrated psychotherapy.  APA Division 32 Conference, Pittsburg PA

King, B., Duberstein, A., & DIuzynsky, J. (2016). Unleashed: Communication of emotionally charged topics between individuals with differing political viewpoints.  APA Division 32 Conference, Pittsburg PA

King, B., & Brennan, J. (2016).  Who let the dogs out: Clinical and forensic implications of the rapidly growing Emotional Support Animal (ESA) movement. APA Division 32 Conference, Pittsburg PA

King, B., Brown, V., Larson, P. & Spaeth, D. (2015). The intersection of Humanistic psychology and Pagan spiritual identity: Personal and professional perspectives. APA Division 32 Annual Conference, San Francisco CA

King, B., & Brown, V. (2015). Ceremonies of healing: An experiential use of ritual in psychotherapy. APA Division 32 Annual Conference, San Francisco CA.

Bies, C. & King, B. (2015). Red Tent Movie: Things we don’t talk about.  Michigan School of Professional Psychology.  Farmington Hills MI.

King, B., Dunn, C., Klaver, J & Brennan, J. (2015). From Property to Family: The Moral and Ethical Imperative of Companion Animal Stewardship.  EcoJustice & Activism Conference – Eastern Michigan University. Ypsilanti MI.

King, B. (2015). Ofrenda de mi Perra.  EcoJustice & Activism Conference – Eastern Michigan University. Ypsilanti MI.

King, B. (2015). Gestalt Collage: A Projective Self-Inquiry Intervention. APA Division 32 – Annual Conference, Chicago IL.

King, B. (2014). The Celtic Goddesses. Goddess Bless Celebration.  November 22.  Farmington Hills MI.

King, B. (2014).  Ofrenda de mi perra. The Detroit Institute of Arts Ofrenda Exhibit.  October 24-Nov 2nd.  Detroit MI.

King, B. (2014). Contacting the Priestess Within: A four part ritual and energy healing training program.  Betz King PC, Farmington Hills, MI

King, B. & Diegel, R. (2012). Opening to Authenticity: Yoga, Meditation, & Compassionate Self-Inquiry.  Song of the Morning Retreat Center, Vanderbilt, MI

King, B. (2011).   The Sanctified Womb: Embodied spiritual empowerment through the use of psycho-spiritual ceremony. APA Division 32 – Annual Conference, Chicago IL 

King, B. (2010).  The Sanctified Womb Ceremony.  Association for the Study of Women and Mythology – Annual Conference, Bangor PA

King, B.  (2010). Women’s Empowerment – The power of feminine energy. MISPP Wellness Series, Farmington Library, Farmington MI.

King, B.  (2009).  A Psycho-Magical Exploration of the Shadow.   Convocation 2009, Troy, MI

King, B. (2008).  Leaving Oz: The integration of head, heart and body. Convocation 2008, Troy, MI[LL3] .

King, B. (2007).  Dialectical behavioral therapy.  Michigan School of Professional Psychology, Farmington Hills, MI.

King, B. (2006).  Emotional intelligence for geniuses. South Eastern Michigan MENSA,    Southfield, MI

King, B. (2005).  Humanistic interventions with substance abusing clients.  Gateway Counseling Center, Madison Heights, MI.

King, B. (2005).  Spirituality and psychotherapy.  Clean House Inc, Southfield, MI.

King, B. (2004).  Humanistic interventions with substance abusing clients.  Center for Humanistic Studies, Farmington Hills MI.

King, B. (2004).  Pre menstrual dysmorphoric disorder & post partum depression.  Bingham Farms Obstetrics, Bingham Farms, MI.

King, B. (2004).  Bipolar disorder, substance induced mood disorder & psychiatric meds. 47th District Court, Farmington Hills, MI.

King, B. (2004).  Dialectical behavioral therapy for beginners.  Archambeau & Associates,  Royal Oak MI.

King, B. (2004).  Integrating psychology and spiritual traditions in psychotherapy practice.  Association of Enneagram Teachers in the Narrative Tradition Conference, Covington,  KY.

King, B. (2003).  Working with treatment resistant clients.  Center for Humanistic Studies, Farmington Hills, MI.

King, B. (2002).  Dual diagnosis: Addiction & mental illness.  Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.

King, B. (2002).  Anger management / impulse control.  Lakeland High School, White Lake, MI.

King, B. (2002).  Rational emotive therapy and the abc’s of distortion recovery.  Insight at Columbiere, Clarkston, MI.

King, B. (2001).  Dual diagnosis treatment – Inservice for oakland county crisis line supervisors. Common Ground Sanctuary, Pontiac, MI.

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